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rachele lynae quicksand

Those of you who haven’t heard the name Rachele Lynae should start to become familiar with it. She is one of country music’s fast and hottest rising stars! We can attribute this to the fact that she is just a natural-born entertainer who has had a passion for music from a very early age, singing in church, school plays and any and every opportunity she was given to showcase her talent in front of a crowd. I’m not surprised that she felt this was the only choice, and the only option as to which career path she would choose in life. With this deep-rooted passion she decided to pick up and move to Music City, and enroll in Belmont University. I think a lot of times when we follow our dreams with never ending hope and faith that they will come true and when we never give up in our pursuit, it is when good things begin to happen. It’s true in Rachele’s case because legendary country star Jamie O’Neal gave her a listen and decided to put her on the path to stardom by making her the lead artist at Jamie’s own independent label, Momentum Label Group.

I’ve had a chance to listen to Rachele Lynae’s debut album to be released on April 22nd, 2014 and I am super impressed because this girl has a set of chops! She’s only 26 years old and sings songs about relationships and how they can become so complex and songs about the kind of wisdom that comes from a woman’s perspective. It’s amazing to me that at the still young age of 26,can sing these songs and leave someone completely convinced that she sings what she knows about, and has a way to convey the deepest emotion with each lyric with the maturity of someone well beyond her years.