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rachele lynae quicksand

Be sure to pick up your copy on April 22nd. I have a feeling with this release her fan base is going to continue to grow, best wishes on continuous success Rachele, You’ll rock it girl!

Track Listing: 

1. Touch The Stars (Rachele Lynae / Danick Dupelle/ Patricia Conroy)

2. Words In Red (Rachele Lynae / Kyle Stallons)

3. Cigarette (Rachele Lynae / Katelynn Beckett)

4. Sometimes You Fly (Rachele Lynae /Luke Sheets)

5. Party Til The Cows Come Home (Rachele Lynae /Jamie O’Neal /Stephanie Bentley /Jimmy Murphy)

6. Fishin’ For Something (Rachele Lynae/Hannah Bethel)

7. Clean (Rachele Lynae /Justin Halpin)

8. Out On The Floor (Rachele Lynae /Jimmy Murphy /Jamie O’Neal)

9. Sticky Summer Lovin (Rachele Lynae / Jamie O’Neal / Hannah Bethel)

10. Done Is Done (Rachele Lynae / Luke Sheets)

11. Two For One Special (Rachele Lynae / Jamie O’Neal / Shaye Smith)

12. Old Fashioned Love (Rachele Lynae /Josh Holiday)